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Titel : DE-Eschborn - Softwarepaket und Informationssysteme
Dokument-Nr. ( ID / ND ) : 2022092309124181049 / 517615-2022
Veröffentlicht :
Dokumententyp : Vorinformation
Vertragstyp : Lieferauftrag
Produkt-Codes :
48000000 - Softwarepaket und Informationssysteme
48600000 - Datenbank- und -Betriebssoftwarepaket
DE-Eschborn: Softwarepaket und Informationssysteme

2022/S 184/2022 517615


Diese Bekanntmachung dient nur der Vorinformation

Richtlinie 2014/24/EU

Abschnitt I: Öffentlicher Auftraggeber
I.1)Name und Adressen
Offizielle Bezeichnung: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale
Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Ort: Eschborn
NUTS-Code: DE71A Main-Taunus-Kreis
Land: Deutschland
E-Mail: [5]Anna-Luisa.Hofmann@giz.de
Hauptadresse: [6]https://www.giz.de
Weitere Auskünfte erteilen/erteilt die oben genannten Kontaktstellen
I.4)Art des öffentlichen Auftraggebers
Andere: Legal entity under private law (non-profit GmbH) financed by
the Federal Republic of Germany
Andere Tätigkeit: International Development Cooperation

Abschnitt II: Gegenstand
II.1)Umfang der Beschaffung
II.1.1)Bezeichnung des Auftrags:

Remote Data Collection - market survey
Referenznummer der Bekanntmachung: 01
II.1.2)CPV-Code Hauptteil
48000000 Softwarepaket und Informationssysteme
II.1.3)Art des Auftrags
II.1.4)Kurze Beschreibung:

This preliminary information exclusively serves the purpose of
conducting a market survey in accordance with § 28 Section 1 VgV for
the preparation of a potential procurement later on. However, an award
procedure will not be initiated by carrying out this market survey. As
part of such market survey, GIZ would like to obtain an overview of
suitable software solutions for data remote collection since GIZ does
currently not have sufficient market knowledge of the companies
available on the market and potentially interested in the contract to
be awarded. Companies which are interested to participate in this
market survey are therefore requested to indicate their interest in a
potential award procedure later on and to provide the following
information to GIZ:

- Information brochure(s) with an overview of the organisation and
features of its service offering (relevant to the criteria described

- Specific case studies relevant to the tasks described above, with a
particular focus on low- and middle-income countries

If your organisation is interested in partaking in this initiative,
please provide the information requested to the above mentioned e-mail

All submissions will be screened and shortlisted service providers will
be contacted for more information.
II.1.5)Geschätzter Gesamtwert
II.1.6)Angaben zu den Losen
Aufteilung des Auftrags in Lose: nein
II.2.2)Weitere(r) CPV-Code(s)
48600000 Datenbank- und -Betriebssoftwarepaket
NUTS-Code: DE71A Main-Taunus-Kreis
II.2.4)Beschreibung der Beschaffung:

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
is a global service provider in the field of international cooperation
for sustainable development and international education work, with
24,977 employees. GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide variety
of areas, including economic development and employment promotion,
energy and environment, and peace and security. As a public-benefit
federal enterprise, GIZ supports the German Government - in particular
the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) -
and many public and private sector clients in around 120 countries in
achieving their objectives in international cooperation. With this aim,
GIZ works together with its partners to develop effective solutions
that offer people better prospects and sustainably improve their living

GIZ seeks to become more data-driven and make better use of digital
solutions throughout its work to strengthen its implementation
capacity. In particular, GIZ is exploring technology-based solutions
that can be deployed at the project planning stage to ensure projects
are grounded in a solid evidence base.

In the project planning phase, GIZ appraisal mission teams are faced
with the challenge of developing needs-based concepts for interventions
in GIZ partner countries (mainly low- and middle-income countries
around the world). Reliable and up-to-date data for contextual analyses
of target populations and regions are often lacking and/or can only be
collected with considerable lead time and logistical effort. In
addition, GIZ operates in many fragile contexts where there are
security risks in physical, door-to-door data collection.

One promising approach to deal with these challenges is remote data
collection. GIZ is therefore interested in exploring the market for
service providers who offer the ability to collect timely data on local
contexts, situations, and opinions in partner countries without
requiring a physical presence to collect this data. GIZ is open to
various research modes to cover a range of specific project needs.
These may include surveys carried out via web questionnaires,
SMS/WhatsApp, mobile apps, automated calls (interactive voice
response), computer assisted telephone interviewing, and other means.

GIZ is looking for digitally-enabled services that enable the remote
collection of data via surveys and similar methods for needs
assessments, baseline studies, context monitoring, and other use cases.
GIZ is active across many different geographies and local contexts,
requiring a high degree of flexibility on the part of the service
provider. This includes the targeting of surveys to specific respondent
groups, for example through setting filters by age, gender, or
location. The ideal service will be able to reach remote and
marginalised populations, including those with low literacy and without
access to the internet.

To be able to operate in GIZ"s numerous partner countries across the
globe, multilingual support is a must, i.e., the customization of the
survey language depending on the region. Timely and accurate data is
key throughout GIZ"s project cycle. The service provider must be able
to launch, carry out, and deliver the results of targeted data
collection activities within a few weeks. Finally, data security and
data quality are of utmost importance to GIZ. Therefore, compliance
with European information security, privacy, and data protection
regulations (e.g., GDPR) is required as well as robust quality controls
to guarantee the validity of collected data (e.g., preventing bots or
duplicate responses).
II.2.14)Zusätzliche Angaben
II.3)Voraussichtlicher Tag der Veröffentlichung der

Abschnitt IV: Verfahren
IV.1.8)Angaben zum Beschaffungsübereinkommen (GPA)
Der Auftrag fällt unter das Beschaffungsübereinkommen: ja

Abschnitt VI: Weitere Angaben
VI.3)Zusätzliche Angaben:

The documents submitted in the market survey procedure are only to be
evaluated and used as a basis of information for the decision on the
further procedure.

After receiving the requested documents, GIZ will evaluate them.
Subsequently, GIZ will contact providers that are especially
interesting for GIZ in order to obtain more detailed information, if
necessary. However, such information inquiries will only aim at
fact-finding and not lead to any anticipated negotiation.

Bekanntmachungs-ID: CXR2YY6YYY1
VI.5)Tag der Absendung dieser Bekanntmachung:


5. mailto:Anna-Luisa.Hofmann@giz.de?subject=TED
6. https://www.giz.de/

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